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Zentangle® QUIZ're unsure if you can Tangle? Take this here quiz to see if Zentangle is right for you:

1. Can you write or print?


YES – Excellent! Give yourself a point and move on to question #2.

NO – Really? Come on now. Grab a scrap of paper and a writing implement of your choice. I'll wait...


OK? Good. Write this down in lowercase letters:


i c s o

Did you do it? GREAT! I knew you could! Those are ALL of the elemental strokes used in creating Tangles. Now...stop doubting yourself, give yourself a point and go to question #2.

2. Are you artistic? 

NO – YAY! Wait...what? Seriously!! You will likely take to Zentangle easier than someone who has had formal art training. Zentangle is all about the process, not the result! Onward to question #3.

YES – Also...YAY! You may learn a new way to express your creativity or...a new way to look at life. To question #3 with you.

oh yeah...give yourself a point for either answer!

3. Can you take 15 minutes for yourself here and there?


YES – Another point for you! Continue on to question #4.

NO – Hmmm...are you sure? Don't you ever wait in a doctor’s office? Have a lunch or coffee break? Wait for a child at school / practice / whatever? It really doesn’t take much more time than that. And...Zentangle is portable! You can do it anywhere! Move along to question #4. Move along...move along...

4. Are you interested in any of the following? (Give yourself 1 point for each "yes" answer):

  • learning something fun and new

  • making something beautiful

  • relieving stress

  • stimulating your creativity

  • increasing your confidence

  • getting through a difficult or painful situation

  • finding your inner artist

Okay...that's it! Add up those points!


If you have at least 1 point, then...CONGRATS! Zentangle is right for you!!


And there are NO side effects...oh...well...except:

  • relaxation

  • increased self-esteem

  • creative inspiration

  • improved focus

  • simple and quick access to mindfulness

  • improved eye/hand coordination

  • increased attention span and ability to concentrate

But...who would want any of THOSE?? Right?

Join me to experience the benefits of Zentangle first hand! Check out my upcoming workshops or contact me for a private class.

*A HUGE thank you to Cris Letourneau, CZT for creating the Zentangle Quiz and allowing me to tweak it to use on my site! Cris has a fantastic website and has also written some wonderful books on Zentangle that I can't recommend enough!


Questions? Please feel free to contact me at



"Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. 

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